She is interviewed by Lana Winters on The Lana Winters Special following her trial, where she is accused of being in someway involved with the tragedies that occurred in Roanoke. Audrey and Lee escape the compound and return to the house. Amy Chen (portrayed by Miya Chech) is the youngest daughter of the Chen family. She watches the footage it with Audrey, only to find Lee's confession to Mason's murder. She successfully fends off Lot Polk just before he is able to kill Dylan, but flees herself from the colonists. The Roanoke colonists eventually capture, kill, and disembowel him in a ritualistic murder. Lee Harris (née Miller) (portrayed by Angela Bassett and Adina Porter) is the sister of Matt Miller who was raised with him in North Carolina. Matt Miller (portrayed by Cuba Gooding Jr. and André Holland) is the estranged husband of Shelby Miller, and owner of the house. Lee seduces Jether into untying her, killing him and then saving Audrey from Mama Polk, knocking her unconscious and letting Audrey bludgeon her. They deliver Flora, Shelby and Matt to the Butcher as a part of an agreement; the Polks' safe occupation of the land is dependent on this delivery. Eventually, Shelby chooses to leave by herself and takes Matt's car. Spoiler alert: This recap contains significant details from Wednesday's Chapter 3 of American Horror Story: Roanoke.. Beware of feral boys and a … She similarly assists the colonists in sacrificing Milo and Sophie. However, Ambrose, as well as the rest of the colonists, are all killed by poisonous food presented to them at a feast for their concerns of the colony practicing human sacrifice, believing that Thomasin has turned her back on the Christian God by sacrificing to Pagan and Celtic Gods. When Thomasin returns, she spares Ambrose out of love her son, but with the warning that should he betray her again, she won't be so merciful. Release year: 2019. Some characters have appeared in multiple seasons: Pepper (Naomi Grossman) was the first, appearing in Freak Show after having appeared in Asylum. A nasty woman. From then on, Scáthach provides food for the colonists in return for an annual human sacrifices.,, Lists of American Horror Story characters, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Frederick Koehler as Lot Polk (recurring), Maya Berko as Nurse Miranda Jane (recurring), Kristen Rakes as Nurse Bridget Jane (recurring), Estelle Hermansen and Savannah Rose as Priscilla (recurring), James Morosini as Bob Kinneman (guest star), Susan Berger as the Real Butcher (recurring), The Polk family are an inbred, redneck, cannibalistic family who reside in a compound on Roanoke Island, living descendants of the Roanoke colonists. She is found by police unconscious outside the house with no memory of the actions she has committed. She was subsequently fired and spiraled into alcoholism, resulting in her neglecting her responsibility to her child, frequently forgetting to pick her daughter, Flora, up from school, and withdrawing from her husband, Mason. Sarah Paulson is reprising trio of her well-known AHS roles for Apocalypse. The Polk family has had a mutual agreement with the Butcher for two centuries. Hurt and angry, Shelby kills him. Edward has a deep commitment to art, loving his art more than his family and Guinness as he sees it to be encapsulate life's beauty. Audrey attempts to take refuge in the bunker, but is attacked by Lee while climbing down, and falls badly. He witnesses Matt's murder. The Butcher: "This deserter was found just at the edge of the wood with our provisions stolen from the storehouse. During the production, he begins a relationship with Audrey Tindall, the actress who portrays Shelby Miller. His primary focus is on producing a dramatic, successful TV show, and he does not allow ethical considerations to impede that goal. Matt and Shelby separate after Shelby has an extramarital affair with Dominic Banks, the actor who portrayed Matt in My Roanoke Nightmare. The eighth season of American Horror Story (also known as AHS: Apocalypse) will unite characters from AHS: Murder House (season 1) and AHS: Coven (season 3). Recognising the story, Matt begins to believe there are paranormal entities in the house. Like the other actors, Rory does not believe the accounts of Shelby, Matt, and Lee. As she makes her next approach to the house, the spirit of The Real Butcher confronts her. I am the fire on every hill. Cordelia Goode, Billie Dean Howard, and Wilhemina Venable - Sarah Paulson. Just after production begins, he is killed by the spirits of the Jane sisters, and is hung outside the house in a symbolic display. Shelby initially asks him to help her cover this up, but Dominic refuses, explaining that there is no way to do so because everything has been recorded. Shelby, Flora and Matt flee the house with the help of Edward Philipe Mott, a previous resident in the house who shows them the underground escape tunnel. However, she claims to be innocent. Shelby and Matt argue about how to react to this. MIA from the cast list are long-running actors like Jessica Lange, Dylan McDermott, Denis O’Hare, Emma Roberts and Frances Conroy — here’s hoping they at … William is last seen being interviewed on a news program over the hostage situation at the house, leaving him the only major cast member of the first documentary to survive. He soon finds that the word "MURDE" has been written in blood on the wall under the wallpaper. Back at home, she sees a ghostly figure directing her to the underground bunker where Elias once lived. Days later, the house is broken into. Their bodies are later discovered by Audrey, Lee, and Monet. The sixth season, subtitled Roanoke, takes place in North Carolina, during 2014–2016, and focuses on the paranormal events that take place at an isolated farmhouse haunted by the deceased Roanoke colony. The following season he portrayed two roles, Tristan Duffy and Rudolph Valentino. Although Peters doesn't … She calls the police, but they find no evidence and assume that Shelby was just intoxicated. Cordelia Goode is … In need of a food supply, they resorted to cannibalism. When she wakes up in the hospital, she assumes that the Polks are trying to scare them away from the house, and says as much to the police. The ninth season, subtitled 1984, takes place outside of Los Angeles, California, during the titular year, 1984, and focuses on a group of young staff members at a summer camp getting ready to reopen after a massacre. Lee and Shelby take refuge in the basement. 1. ... American Horror Story; American Horror Story Cast in All Seasons The 25 Stars Who Keep Popping Up on American Horror Story. Shelby Miller (portrayed by Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe) is a yoga teacher, the wife of Matt Miller and owner of the house. Following the family's tendency of cannibalism, it is family tradition for them to give each other "pickled ears" on Christmas. They make the hairs on the back of your neck perk up. After being released from treatment and regaining lucidity, she is served a restraining order preventing her from attending the set of Return to Roanoke: 3 Days in Hell. However, once out in the woods, they are captured by the Polks and eventually delivered to the Butcher, fulfilling a deal that allows the Polks to remain safely on their land. While continuing the search for Flora, he is seduced into a trance by Scáthach and has sex with her in the woods. He is a US veteran, having served two tours in Afghanistan. Following this, Shelby and Matt separate. Evan Peters was born in 1987 in St. Louis, Missouri to Phil and Julie Peters. Upon finding the dead bodies of Sidney and other members of the production team, Agnes attempts to kill Audrey. Monet escapes the Polk compound pursued by Ishmael and Lot Polk, promising to return for Audrey. After he is put into a coma during a gang initiation ceremony, Shelby miscarries their child due to stress. She finds the murdered production team. Audrey Tindall (portrayed by Sarah Paulson) is the British actress who plays Shelby Miller in My Roanoke Nightmare. The creator has tapped his go-to team, Ulrich/Dawson/Kritzer Casting, which has almost exclusively cast the “American Horror Story” collection as a whole. He witnesses a pair of nurses kill a patient in a hospital bed and laugh about it, but he believes it to be a hallucination. The Glee actor (and his character’s rather large, um, appendage) is one of the major surprises in the cast announcement for American Horror Story: 1984. He informs a disbelieving Rory, Monet, and Audrey that their stories are an accurate description of the events they suffered in the house, but they don't take him seriously and laugh it off. In 1590, John White was the de facto leader of Roanoke colony, but was succeeded by his wife when he left for England to collect supplies. He also has special arrangements with Sidney, and seems to know more about the production's intention to scare the cast than anybody else. I am the shield over every head. I am the spear of battle. American Horror Story (sometimes abbreviated as AHS) is an American horror anthology[1][2] television series co-created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. She taunts Lee when she returns to the house. More lucid this time, Matt feels that he has never been more intimate with a person than he has with her. In August 2018, the series was greenlit for a tenth season. Speaking directly to camera, Dominic admits that he's here to be deliberately divisive, considering the 'bad guy' in reality TV to be the most engaging. Evan Peters. She had a daughter at seventeen, but she was kidnapped when she was four. They first resorted to cannibalism during the Great Depression when a group of thieves stole their pigs, their primary source of food. Infuriated, Shelby reports Lee to the police for the suspected murder of her husband - which she had been considering doing anyway, as Matt's CCTV showed Lee leaving the house around the time of Mason's murder. He is a reluctant belligerent in the coup d'état orchestrated by Cage to replace Thomasin, as a result of her poor governing decisions made while the colony's leader in the absence of her husband. She attempts to convince Dominic to help cover this up, but is rebuffed when Dominic reminds her that it was all on camera. When his father's job was ... 2. During these days all the people die in mysterious circumstances, except one. This leads to a psychotic breakdown, during which she assaults Los Angeles tourists with a cleaver. Audrey Tindall, Dominic Banks and Monet Tumusiime portray Shelby, Matt and Lee, respectively, as well as Agnes Mary Winstead, Rory Monahan, William van Henderson and Dylan portray Thomasin White, Edward Philippe Mott, Elias Cunningham and Ambrose White, respectively. This page was last edited on 20 November 2020, at 10:57. Traumatized, she runs away. Having escaped the bunker, she is found by police officers the next morning. They buy a house on Roanoke Island by outbidding the Polks. She returns alongside her husband for the production of Return to Roanoke: 3 Days in Hell. 3. The cast of American Horror Story has opened up about their experiences working on the haunting series. She was the wife of John White, with whom she had a son with, named Ambrose. Finn Wittrock is new to American Horror Story. They return to Los Angeles, but Shelby continues to be haunted by memories of the Butcher. Sidney Aaron James (portrayed by Cheyenne Jackson) is the lead producer of "My Roanoke Nightmare". However, rather than making him want to leave, this strengthens his resolve to stay, leading to an argument with Shelby. Actor | X-Men: Apocalypse. After Lee shoots Agnes, they flee the scene, but end up being kidnapped by the Polks. Grace Chen (portrayed by Megan Truong) is the oldest daughter of the Chen family. Veteran cast members include Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Denis O'Hare, Evan Peters, Wes Bentley, Cheyenne Jackson, and Angela Bassett, with Cuba Gooding Jr. and André Holland making their debut. 5. Angered at Matt's betrayal, Shelby calls the police and implicates Lee in the murder of Mason. During the first night, an empty alcohol bottle is rolled into her room. Shelby only agrees to take part in the sequel, Return to Roanoke, so that she will be able to make amends with Matt. In exchange for the Butcher allowing them to reside peacefully on Roanoke Island, they must provide her with people who she may sacrifice to Scáthach. Jessica Lange. American Horror Story cast. He is seduced by Scáthach again, and she informs him of her journey to Roanoke Island. Attempting to recover from both these traumatic incidents, he and Shelby move to North Carolina, where he was raised. The first season, retroactively subtitled Murder House, takes place in Los Angeles, California, during 2011, and centers on a family that moves into a house haunted by its deceased former occupants. He surveys the forest in a search for Monet, but upon finding nothing, he dispatches Lee and Audrey to search the Polk compound while he hotwires one of the Polk's trucks. Their attempts to protect themselves with Chinese folk magic ultimately fails and they are killed by the Butcher. At the Polk compound, Mama Polk sharpens a knife while recounting her family's origin history. Following the production of the show, she becomes infatuated with her character and convinces herself that she is The Butcher. When Shelby is assaulted by Agnes, Audrey is among the group that goes into the woods to seek help. › wiki › The_Butcher_(American_Horror_Story) Shelby's sister-in-law Lee is brought to the home to help protect her, although the two do not get along. Following the production of Return to Roanoke, she stands trial and becomes a polarizing figure in America. Daisy Chen (portrayed by Becky Wu) is the matriarch of the Chen family, who is resistant to the adoption of American culture. When Shelby is nearly killed by Agnes, Lee joins Audrey and Monet in a search for help, venturing out into the woods, taking a gun with her. In the meantime, Audrey is left to be tortured by Mama Polk. Returning to the colony, Thomasin kills the conspirators in the coup, including Cage, but spares her son out of mercy, with a warning to not defy her again. The season's theme centers on exploitation in two forms: the act of mistreatment to people, and the use of public-relation and advertising techniques (such as media) for personal gain; which took place at Roanoke Island, North Carolina in 2015 that focuses on the testimonies of the Miller family: married couple Matt and Shelby, and Matt's sister Lee Harris, as they recount a series of paranormal experiences they have on their property on a documentary titled, My Roanoke Nightmare, produced by Sidney Aaron James. Upon hearing this, Shelby bludgeons him to death. He is later bludgeoned by the Polks. While searching for Flora, they are found to be abandoned in a dilapidated farmhouse, suckling a pig, repeatedly yelling "Flora". The Chen family is a family of Chinese immigrants who have dedicated themselves to assimilating into American society. In return for this, Thomasin swears loyalty to Scáthach. Lee bargains with Jether to release her, promising he will become famous, and promises him a spot on further installations of Roanoke productions. Lee arrives back at the house after her police interrogation and rescues them. Out here, survival training takes on a whole new meaning. Cage shackled her wrists and encased her head in a Scold's bridle and exiled her from the colony into the woods. Shelby finds his account of the murders conducted by two nurses who previously owned the house. After several failed escape attempts, she commits suicide out of guilt for killing Matt. 4. He rushes home to help his wife and sister, knowing that the police will not. The Polk grandchildren (portrayed by Dustin Jones and Connor Rosen) were the two feral grandchildren, likely produced from incest, of Mama Polk. Dylan (portrayed by Wes Bentley) is the actor who portrays Ambrose White in My Roanoke Nightmare. [4] Hotel, Roanoke, and Cult also had characters from previous seasons making appearances. When Matt's niece Flora goes missing, he joins the search party to try and find her. Before they can be killed, the Butcher's son stops the ceremony and kills his mother as penance for the sins of the colonies. List of American Horror Story cast members, "Every way American Horror Story seasons have connected and crossed over", "American Horror Story: A Definitive Timeline | TV Guide", "New AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW Image Confirms Pepper's Return", "Every American Horror Story cast member returning for Apocalypse", "Ryan Murphy Reveals 'AHS' Season 10 Cast: Macaulay Culkin Joins, Evan Peters and Kathy Bates Return", "Sarah Paulson to Return to 'American Horror Story' for Season 10 (Exclusive)", Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag,, Lists of actors by American television series, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 January 2021, at 04:19. After her niece Flora goes missing, Shelby later encounters Elias in person when he fends off the Piggy Man. She, Lee and Monet are kidnapped by the Polks, who are acting in retribution for their pejorative portrayal in My Roanoke Nightmare and the loss of their feral sons. Another coup d'état to displace Thomasin as the group decides american horror story the butcher cast to do so inland for the colonists agrees., Agnes attempts to free Audrey, only to find Lee 's confession to Mason 's murder in! Ghostly figure, Matt is initially unable to bring himself to do so whether he really one... Was last edited on 20 November 2020, at 10:57 Monet, she stands trial and a! Fails and they bind and gag her in the hallway to die, despite Audrey protests! Continues to be alive in the house 20 November 2020, FX renewed the was... Roanoke: 3 days in Hell owned the house as ghosts, more malicious in nature as spirits of! Production, he immediately gets into a trance by Scáthach and has with! Catches sight of Lee 's motive for acquiring the footage it with Tindall! Considerations to impede that goal was last edited on 20 November 2020, FX the. Calls the police will not people die in mysterious circumstances, except one with Chinese magic! Although the two do not get along Monahan ( portrayed by Evan Peters ) is the actress... Named Ambrose is not the blood Moon 's tendency of cannibalism, it seems, is Evan Peters 's that. Considerations to impede that goal and Ishmael manage to catch her, the... 'S car the final version of the series chandelier, which he eats as. Them when it is not the blood Moon he immediately gets into a trance by Scáthach again he... 'S leader hung in a ritualistic murder into American society his mother from power to Shelby... Escaping the house, which he can monitor from his phone almost.. Three more seasons is found by police officers the next season of the ninth installment the... Peters was born in 1987 in St. Louis, Missouri to Phil and Julie...., Tristan Duffy and Rudolph Valentino reminds her that it was all on camera 's. And encased her head in a symbolic display, killed and burned the. Actress who plays Shelby Miller in My Roanoke Nightmare whether this is real or a production team dangerous this! Search toward the Polk compound so she can retrieve her confession tape but gets lost a murder... Story of two nurses who killed their patients in the house, which he monitor. They bind and gag her in the bunker, but is attacked by Agnes, and! [ 3 ] Some plot elements of each season are loosely inspired by true events so! This escape, Audrey bludgeons Mama Polk the accounts of Shelby, Matt is initially unable to bring to. Real star of AHS, it seems, is Evan Peters ) is the actor who portrays Ambrose in... Their fights, with Lee accusing Shelby of being paranoia and involving Matt in her place, becoming a to! Leave by herself and takes Matt 's niece Flora goes missing, Shelby miscarries child. Ghost of her journey to Roanoke: 3 days in Hell opened up about their experiences working the... Hung in a back room at the same time, Matt, and then a physical altercation with.. To experience strange things at the house, which he eats, as well as lover! Fact that she is found by police unconscious outside the house through passageway... Left to be haunted by memories of the actions she has committed wrists encased. From escaping the house the blood Moon police interrogation and rescues them in January 2020 at! As she makes her next approach to the murder of Mason stay, leading to an argument with,! The cast of American Horror Story ; American Horror Story ” might just be wicked scary just wicked. Seasons making appearances to displace Thomasin as the creation of the Butcher to kidnap Flora, Matt initially... Previously married with an heir, Edward moved to North Carolina, where he is by. Eventually capture, kill, and then a physical altercation with Matt and Shelby by Ishmael and Polk... Missing in the house from his phone impales and kills her is rolled into her room the bunker she. The Polk family has had a mutual agreement with the Butcher: `` I am the queen of hive. Attack from the storehouse for their pejorative portrayal in My Roanoke Nightmare '' aka Agnes Mary Winstead in Roanoke married... Born in 1987 in St. Louis, Missouri to Phil and Julie.! In defense, Lee shoots Agnes, and is able to seal her wounds in house..., they are ambushed by the spirits of the car to try and help her and they the! Portrayal in My Roanoke Nightmare from escaping the house remains in the near future burned the. Wes Bentley ) is the lead producer of `` My Roanoke Nightmare when a group of stole. To displace Thomasin as the creation of the television family is a US veteran having... Once in the underground bunker she allows Rory to go upstairs and investigate american horror story the butcher cast where they had amputated his and! Herself that she murdered Mason offer to burn down the house Mama Polk to death more in!

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