Additionally, it suggests marinating your chicken overnight in buttermilk to help with the coating. Did you like this list of recipes? Cook up these fajitas in your skillet, then serve family-style by just putting the pot … This recipe calls for frying up the chicken in oil until browned and then adding the sauce to cook the rest of the way. Frittatas are basically a crustless quiche. Additionally, adding a nice serving of veggies is refreshing and provides multiple vitamins. Some people do, some don’t, but if you do, then this recipe certainly merits your consideration! To make pancakes even easier, this recipe shows you how to make apple pancakes in your skillet! Within your electric skillet, you’ll be frying up bacon, then removing it and keeping the grease in the skillet. When the weather isn’t cooperating with your desire to fire up the grill for a juicy steak, there is always an electric skillet! From United States +C $61.34 shipping estimate. This pork chop recipe not only results in delicious meat but also calls for a variety of savory vegetables for a well-rounded meal. This particular meatball recipe captures the delicious contrast of sweet and sour. New Listing Vintage West Bend MIRACLE Electric SKILLET VGC Made In USA. This recipe for cornbread in the skillet is unique because just like with the pie recipe, it utilizes the skillet as a miniature oven. Electric skillets magically solve this problem! Heat electric skillet and place pot roast in skillet to sear on one side. Just fry your pork chops until brown on both sides, then add your broth and vegetables to simmer. Find best value and selection for your 1956 vintage ad for West Bend Electric Skillet 020212 search on eBay. Get the best deals on Lifetime Electric Skillets when you shop the largest online selection at This recipe is especially nice because it cuts the need for marinating, which is something that is unfortunately easy to forget. Typically need the oven to bake it? You’ll assemble mini key lime pies, and then simply set them in the skillet to bake! Did you know it’s possible to make fudge in your electric skillet? G - O. Griddles; Grills; ... Skillets Slow Cookers Smore Makers Toasters ... Venti Hot Beverage Maker Waffle Makers Woks Recipe by Dish Type. Simply heat oil in your skillet, dredge your filets in the prepared cornmeal mixture, and fry in the oil until golden brown on both sides. While the first stir fry recipe was all about minimizing effort, this one is capitalizing on those robust flavors from fresh vegetables. Cookies in the skillet?! It is bursting with flavor and tang from the ketchup sauce and Italian-seasoned bread crumbs. Skillet Chicken Fajitas. Follow the simple steps of this easy-to-execute fried chicken recipe and discover the key to making your fried chicken juicy. When they have cooked for a bit, you can crack the eggs directly over the hash browns, and cook until they are set. World's leading marketplace. The steps are simple with these potato pancakes: simply grate the ingredients, squeeze out any liquids, mix them together and form the patties. If you thought chili could only be made in a pot, think again! Normally, steaks would be barbecued or grilled for home consumption, but that isn't always an option. Perhaps you’ve found yourself grabbing them from the frozen section at the grocery store. Perfect condition with no tears, markings, etc. This is particularly perfect for a fairly mild fish such as sole, tilapia, and catfish. Hot Beverages. It's a delicious way to add flavor to ground beef and the children love it! Have you ever wished you could just cook all of your spaghetti in one dish for easier cleanup? Place the roast in the skillet and cook for 5-6 minutes to brown, turn and cook and additional 5-6 minutes. Grandma knows how to make pancakes! Do you enjoy okra? For this recipe, it will walk you through making your own patties with ground beef and seasonings. Coat the chicken in the remaining marinade and chill for at least two hours. As nice as it is to not have to marinate, sometimes, marinating is unavoidable. With this Swiss Steak, you’ll dredge the meat in flour, fry it up in the skillet, and then add your sauce and other ingredients to let it simmer and flavor for about an hour. Picture this: you’ve purchased your first electric skillet and found the perfect spot to store it in your kitchen. Finally, return the chicken until the green beans are cooked! I hope to inspire you to get creative in your own kitchen! The breaded pork and rich gravy combo remind me of hearty German food, like these Schnitzels. With this recipe, you’ll have evenly coated chicken topped with onion pieces for extra flavor. That’s the case with this recipe! If you have considered making a stew in your skillet already, then you are probably one of few, because the skillet just naturally seems more like a tool used to cook meat. We love that this recipe not only combines the delicious flavors of the shrimp and Cajun, but it also calls for a heaping variety of vegetables! Measures 5" x 7" 50-page Lifetime cooking fun and eating pleasure recipes … Have you ever tried making your pizza in an electric frying pan? This looks like a delicious recipe for frying fish in the electric skillet! You don’t want to detract from the fun of camping by working yourself tirelessly, but camping food also creates memories with loved ones. After that, you’ll add the hash browns. Have you made potato pancakes? This meatloaf is covered in a mushroom gravy and baked in the frying pan for approximately 1 hour. How simple is that?! This recipe takes you through the steps of preparing a cheesy garlic topping, spreading it over some brioche and frying them up in the skillet. Cool Concoctions. honey, chocolate chips, all purpose flour, large egg, granulated sugar and 6 more. Recipes for sweet and savory dishes, from fritters to burgers and savory stews to coffeecake and puddings - who knew these "modern" kitchen gadgets could do so much? It’s always satisfying and filling! Instead of a cornmeal mixture, the breading is mere crushed saltine crackers. Not only does it take longer than we’d like, but the first slices are cold by the time the last slices are cooked. Further, the electric frying pan may be a great alternative anyway due to how evenly it cooks! Simply roll it out into the size of the skillet and then fry it for a minute, flip and let it continue baking with all of the toppings. Our only suggestion would be to plan ahead for the size of your particular electric skillet. Simply boil the water in your skillet, as usual, cook the macaroni, and proceed to make it as directed in this recipe! Not only are meatballs versatile and filling, but they are a crowd pleaser for nearly any event. Add some cream and Parmesan in at the end and serve. It helps to keep them covered for even cooking, which is one of the perks of your electric skillet! 74 Super Easy and Delicious Electric Skillet Recipes, #2. You’ll be cooking the potatoes, then emptying the skillet and cooking the chicken. Baked Ziti is a beloved dish all around, and now you can make it in your very own electric skillet. It’s perfect for those summer days when you need a pie for a holiday or event and yet, the last thing you want to do is heat your oven. I love this idea for saving energy when you’re only baking something small. From shop HenHausFinds. For this meal, you’ll boil potato cubes until tender while sauteing your peppers and onions in the skillet. One popular meal is pork barbecue ribs. This colorful and healthy vegetable frittata is exploding with flavor! If you’ve been craving homestyle potatoes, you can easily fry them in your skillet! That’s it! We've enjoyed this Food Network recipe twice in the last few weeks. Sausage and rice always create such a delectable flavor when mixed together, which is why this recipe looks so fantastic. This recipe begins with browning the pork chops, and adding the vegetables and seasonings. It’s hard to believe that something so delicious can actually be healthy, isn’t it? Potatoes are simply a classic addition to any meal, and while baked potatoes are typical for campers, you can easily switch it up if you bring your electric skillet along. Ahh, French toast. It can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This recipe calls for fresh vegetables such as squash, tomatoes, bell peppers, and onions for a delightful cacophony of flavors! 5 out of 5 stars (2,125) 2,125 reviews $ 11.99. Who doesn’t love meatballs? The term “hot mess” is rather ambiguous when it comes to a recipe, but that’s honestly the perfect term to describe this dish! The first time, I…, Who says bread has to take a lot of time and effort to make fresh? This particular one is a French yogurt cake made from scratch. A well-prepared steak is richly flavored, tender and aromatic with the smell of well-browned beef. And the electric fry pan seems to be made for this classic lunch with it’s ability to evenly brown the bread to crisp, golden perfection, while melting the double cheese slices until they are just running out of the sandwich. Your electric frying pan can totally handle the job! There is one more step for thickening the gravy, but that’s about it! With the combination of a garlic seasoning rub, as well as cloves of black or roasted garlic, you certainly won’t need to worry about vampires in the slightest at your house! Once the sauce is added, all you have to do is lower the heat until they are cooked through. Do you enjoy potato skins as restaurant appetizers? How to make up for it? Let us know what you think, perhaps if you have a favorite out of the list, or what meal you’re now dying to make in your skillet. It’s hardly a complex meal originally, and yet, this recipe manages to make it even easier by tossing it all in the electric skillet. And the taste? This could likely help prevent them from burning! Bagna Cauda. The best part about this pasta recipe is that it’s a one-pot meal! Fresh flavor with a flair describes this quick and easy recipe. Easy Sausage and Vegetable Skillet. If you haven’t considered cooking chuck roast in your skillet, then you should definitely check this out! This is an old recipe that has been passed down in our family through my sister-in-law. Page 33 Heading Skillet Recipes continued Scrambled Eggs 4 large eggs ²/ ³ cup cream Sea salt Freshly ground black pepper 20g butter Toast, to serve 1.In a medium bowl, whisk the eggs, cream, salt and pepper until well combined. If you can bake and cook other food items, why not cookies? This recipe changes that with cooking a couple slices of French toast at once in the skillet and keeping them warm in the oven! This particular stew takes hardly any time at all to prepare and cook, making it a great choice for busy nights when you want something hearty. This recipe has even more delicious ingredients, but those three already have us sold! Why not, right? Simply brown your meat in the skillet, then add your broth, and toss in spaghetti noodles to boil in the same dish! Vintage Lifetime Liquid Core Electric Skillet … Chicken Fajitas. Is there ever a wrong time for stir fry? The nice thing about fried fish recipes is how quickly you can get from preparation to table. For those of you who love your chicken enchiladas, there is definitely a skillet option for you! Just mix it all together, form the balls, and they are ready to cook in your electric skillet! Is the weather getting warmer and you’re starting to crave light, citrusy dishes? It’s a breeze to cook shrimp in the electric skillet, which this recipe so tastefully demonstrates. Not only does this minimize dishes, but all of the ingredients flavor each other as they cook together. 5 out of 5 stars (38) 38 reviews $ 29.95 ... General Electric GE Automatic Skillet Recipe Booklet Use and Care Book Cat No C110 Electric Skillet … Sunbeam Electric Skillet Vintage Sunbeam Skillet … Recipe from Can’t Stay out of the Kitchen. The recipe begins by melting butter in your skillet, followed by adding in veggies until soft, and finally pouring in the egg mixture with cheese, meat and seasonings. Fajitas are just right for hot summer evenings when you want to serve something fun and tasty, yet … I don’t even think it’s possible to go camping without having mac & cheese at some point! When I was a child, she did most of the cooking in our house, and … Vintage SUNBEAM 425A Electric Fry Pan Aluminum Skillet … Desserts. Pour in 1/2 inch or 1 inch oil in a skillet and put on medium heat. Heat butter in skillet … Hardly comparable to store-bought, in a good way! This recipe is a perfect option for a camping meal! The combination of traditional Sloppy Joe flavors with noodles, cooked in the electric skillet combines all the elements of camping in one. SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN. If you are looking for comfort-food recipes, this could be a wonderful choice! Vintage West Bend Electric Skillet Blue & White Lid Fully Immersible Large Cooker Frying Pan Indoor Outdoor Picnic Camping Kitchen Appliance ... Vintage HOOVER Electric Skillet Broiler Recipe Book … The appetizer is delicious for … You’ll then pour the sauce over the roast, and let it simmer for a couple hours until tender! This may not be the simplest recipe, but it certainly looks like it would be worth the effort for spice lovers! Do you like shrimp? Throw some extra peanuts in and go to town! Indian Vegetable and Rice Skillet Meal, #18. If you’ve ever tried to make traditional BBQ chicken, then you probably know the struggle of the skin getting far too crispy before the inside is even cooked. If you’re a garlic lover, then this recipe is for you! Electric skillets can be helpful for cooking sliced potatoes since you may fit a greater amount in the skillet than on the stove. Give it a shot in your skillet. If you can grill and cook other meats, why not a cheeseburger patty? Yet, it can be rather a hassle to cook each slice one at a time on the stove. You might also enjoy…Simple Pumpkin Spice Coffee Cream. Give these classic brownies a try and you’ll be hooked! Salt and pepper both sides of the roast. Who knew a burger could taste so good without adding a pile of ingredients to the beef?! Electric Skillets; Fondue Pots & Rice Cookers; Fruit & Veggie Preparation. For instance, if you forgot to put the stew ingredients in your slow cooker, you can toss them in an electric … To start, puree the marinade ingredients in a food processor and reserve a bit. This recipe does exactly that with cooking everything in your electric skillet. We had never really thought about grilling cheeseburgers in an electric skillet, but it honestly makes so much sense! I am Joss, the creator and editor of In the Kitch. These potato pancakes look mouth-wateringly delicious! To top it off, this dish is saucy and cheesy–the best part of Italian food! You can even bake a cake in an electric skillet! This recipe combines butter, garlic, and anchovies for a savory dip cooked right within the electric skillet. While that side is searing/browning…sprinkle top with garlic salt and pepper. The other ingredients should be mixed together in a saucepan and brought to a boil while the roast is being seared. You’ll be cooking up a storm before you know it! Baking breads and desserts in your skillet may become your new favorite way to bake. There’s no getting around the fact that fresh vegetables always taste the best. Voila! Simply bake your potatoes, scoop out the pulp, and fry the skins in hot oil in your skillet! Electric skillets are great because they are so portable. Absolutely! A whole world of cooking opportunities is now available to you! You’ll never know until you try it and you’ll be surprised how many recipes can be easily prepared in the electric skillet. With zucchini, squash, asparagus, and bell peppers, this dish is bound to leave you feeling satisfied and healthy. Nachos are always a favorite, but how about loaded nachos? If you are just looking for a basic, go-to recipe for crispy fried fish, this recipe may be a great option for you! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Finally, the chicken is added back in while the liquid thickens to a sauce before serving. This video demonstrates how to fry battered chicken drumsticks in the electric skillet. Thanks to the depth of electric frying pans, you only have to wash one pan tonight. Steak is one of a beef lover's favorite things. sunbeam aluminum electric skillet. This recipe combines fried potatoes, peppers, and onions for a hearty and satisfying flavor. These fish will be nice and crispy with just a few steps of flour, egg, and breadcrumbs before frying them in a couple inches of oil. I am inviting you on this food journey with me to learn, grow and bring out that inner chef in you. Since these skillets hold temperature so well, you can brown the meat and then add in the rest of the ingredients and leave it to simmer for a few hours without worries. Top them with cheese and bacon and broil until melted. Perfect for vegetarians! This could also be a great option if you are looking for meals for two! You can cook some of your favorite meals in an electric skillet with the right tools and recipes on hand. This fresh basil and breadcrumb-crusted fried fish is ready in 20 minutes and looks and tastes like something out of a fine restaurant. Grilled Sandwiches. This Swiss Steak recipe is somewhat less time consuming than the one above, which could be a great option if you don’t have the time to let it cook ahead for several hours. Juices. This is another fudge recipe, though it’s specifically for a creamy peanut butter fudge. Next, you’ll add the potatoes to the skillet to fry until they are crispy and browned. You can even use them in college dorm rooms. With a mix of onions, mushrooms and a beer-based sauce, this is bound to create a mouth-watering aroma. At that point, fry your chicken in your preheated skillet, and serve with the reserved marinade! Gemelli, rotini, … sunbeam aluminum electric skillet. This is especially true if your skillet is deep-dish! Once melted, just spoon over chips and enjoy! Apr 10, 2012 - Original instructions and recipes for use your Sunbeam electric skillet. This recipe takes about 30 minutes, starting with a pre-made pizza dough ball. Finally, add the cream and cheese, and serve when it’s melted! This recipe is so fun because it takes something that is typically an oven-only dish and turns it into something that can be transported right to the tabletop for convenience and keeping it nice and warm. You can use plain regular or Greek yogurt along with some basic cake ingredients. Simply cook the meat, then add the sauce and pasta, cooking until done. If you usually cook the meal on the stove, there’s a high chance you can cook it in your skillet. Additionally, most electric frying pans can hold more chicken pieces at once than a stovetop frying pan, but of course, this would depend on the size of your skillet. You’ll then cook your onion, tomatoes, and okra until tender. We love any dessert cooked in a cast-iron skillet, but this … This recipe calls for a variety of veggies such as the broccoli mentioned in the title, mushrooms, green onions, and even ginger. This recipe is one of the easiest for chicken stir fry as it just calls for cooking up bite-sized chicken, throwing in frozen stir fry veggies, some seasonings, and instant rice. The meal is quick and easy: add the sausage and veggies to a skillet with oil, frying until they are tender. Roasted potatoes are a classic side dish, and always a hit with guests. This crispy fried fish recipe is very similar and just as simple! Scalloped potatoes are delicious and the electric skillet can make it super easy to monitor their cooking progress! Nope. Kielbasa and onion are a delicious combination any day, but throw in some pasta and tell me it’s a one-dish meal and I’m sold! Simply dice up your veggies, toss them in the skillet, and leave them for a few minutes until they are done! These cookies are rolled out, added to the skillet, and flipped during the cooking/baking process. The recipe first calls for cooking the onions and kielbasa and then adding the sauce ingredients and pasta. Chicken wings can be tricky to get just right. How to Make Ceviche: A Step by Step Guide. With the combination of traditional Indian spices such as ginger, turmeric, and cumin, this dish is bound to be bursting with flavor. Swiss steak takes a cheap and tough cut of beef like round or sirloin steak (cube or minute), which is then braised in stewed tomatoes and other vegetables. Genius! What could be better than hash browns, bacon, and eggs? If you can make beef roasts in the electric skillet, you can surely cook a pork loin roast as well! Crostini means, “little toasts” in Italian, as the appetizer features small slices of toasted bread, brushed with olive oil and topped with savory ingredients. The pancakes are made of buttery mashed potatoes rather than grated, and includes garlic and green onions for extra flavor! You might also enjoy reading…How to Clean an Electric Skillet. The previous fried chicken recipe was specifically for chicken legs, but this is all about regular fried chicken pieces. The flavors are practically bursting in this dish with the combination of tomatoes, okra, bacon, and onion. Iron-Skillet Peach Crisp. Again, this is the perfect choice for when you need a roast, but the hot weather makes you reluctant to heat the oven. Just as with the other roasts, it’s pretty important to sear all the edges over high heat in your skillet. Congratulations! All that’s left is for your electric frying pan to bake it! How can you resist these ooey gooey cheese-filled grilled sandwiches? After applying a rub and searing it, you’ll toss in some veggies and broth and let it cook. English Muffins are delicious toasted, topped with butter and honey or butter and jam, and …. This would be the perfect weeknight dinner. This recipe not only sounds delicious, but it seems pretty easy, which is always a win in my book! There’s no need to get a special grill pan or fight the foil wrap for your outdoor grill when you have an electric skillet. This recipe recommends placing the baking dish on a rack inside the electric skillet to avoid burning the bottom. The breakfast that many of us grew up loving and still adore to this day. The skillet is meant to help them cook evenly for fluffier pancakes than stovetop. I rarely crank up the oven in the hot months, but find myself wanting things that are normally cooked in the oven. When the roast is completely seared and … Nice glossy cover in candy-apple red depicting a happy housewife enjoying the modern conveniences of her electric skillet… Simply heat oil in your skillet, dredge the fish in egg and then the crumbs and fry it up. Basil & Breadcrumb-Crusted Fried Fish, #27. This recipe combines the best of both worlds with first sauteeing veggies until soft and adding in eggs for a tasty breakfast. You’ll be making your very own honey mustard sauce and if you haven’t made one before, it’s definitely easier than you probably imagine. Vintage Sears Jiffy Electric Skillet 7 x 10 Non-Stick Dorm Room RV Camping 1970's HenHausFinds. The gravy is delightful served over mashed potatoes. Finally, use your electric skillet to fry a few at once! As a side note, if you’d rather skip the spice, it’s probably not a problem to omit the ginger. While you can roast them in the oven, you can also roast them in the electric frying pan to conserve heat and energy. With added crispiness and flakiness, these biscuits are definitely a must-try. Nothing quite says comfort food like a delicious pasta dish. It’s a hot mess because it’s just a mix of various vegetables and kielbasa fried up in your skillet. This recipe begins by searing the meat on the highest setting and then adding in some coconut oil for a nice bread-dipping sauce later on. The key with Swiss Steak is to cook it low and slow, which is where the skillet fits the bill. They are great for one-pan meals that dont need to cook all day. Simple but delish. Prepare to find yourself in guilt-free bliss with this mixture of ginger root, jalapenos, and other veggies for a sweet and spicy stir fry! If you’ve never had a frittata before, then you are in for a treat! With this recipe, you’ll be marinating your chicken wings overnight in a mixture of pineapple juice, soy sauce, garlic, and more, before cooking them in your covered electric skillet for a perfectly thick glaze. This recipe is pretty neat because it basically just calls for using the skillet as an oven. Other Recipes… This particular recipe not only uses the electric skillet to toast the bread but also to cook and soften the toppings! Did you even go camping if you didn’t have some kind of potatoes during the trip? Even when they have delicious seasoning, they can still end up being dry or tough. Pre-Owned. Per the author’s notes, this particular fudge recipe has been tested by time, perfected, and made countless times over the decades between her and her mother. As a one-pot recipe, cleanup is a breeze! For this pot roast, you’ll need to sear all the edges of the roast again, but this works out really well in the electric frying pan since the sides can help hold it up. Frying chicken can be intimidating when you consider the splattering oil. or Best Offer. Electric skillets are great for frying chicken because most of them are quite deep, which contains the oil far better than a stovetop pan, and each skillet comes with a fitted lid. Monterey Chicken 3 Boneless Skinless Chicken breasts, sliced in half, tenderized, and pounded into 6 thin cutlets Pan searing flour (... 1950's GE Automatic Electric Skillet My latest find! This is a wonderful option if you have a craving for cookies, but it just seems too hot to heat the oven, or you’d merely rather conserve energy. LOVE. All of my kids like these pork chops, which is unusual, and the adults quite like them too. It’s definitely easy enough for the busiest weeknights! Add in the beaten eggs, cooking until set, and then toss in the cooked rice. I love the gravy, which is just chicken broth and buttermilk thickened with flour. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. To make it, you’ll just saute your onions, and then add the diced potatoes and seasonings, cooking until the potatoes are soft. Now that you have an electric skillet, you can make them from scratch at home! But when you consider the limited ingredients used, with the reduced fats and sugars, it certainly is on the healthy spectrum of food! The easiest Baked Ziti you’ll ever try. Find and save ideas about electric skillet recipes on Pinterest. We absolutely love how this recipe only uses a few ingredients with super simple instructions for easy but tasty meatballs. Hooch :: Family Recipes :: preserving recipes :: In the Kitchen :: Good Ole Days :: from the heart :: old fashion cookery. Chicken and rice is a classic meal, and it pretty much never fails to disappoint. Still, it’s an excellent option for stews, especially with the deep sides to keep it all contained. Posted: (55 mins ago) Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. The surface area of the skillet may also create greater ease when flipping the pancakes. This beefy, saucy skillet goulash tastes just like mom used to make. Cooking, Skillet Recipes, How To Cook, Recipes, Vintage Recipes, Breakfast Recipes, Skillet … Fast and simple, with easy cleanup! Do you like Indian food? Simply cook the chicken, add water, vegetables, rice, and seasonings, and cook until done! The pasta cooks right there in the sauce for a delicious turnout. Cooking until done packs a punch with a lime and orange marinade fried fish recipe is that it ’ a... Cheese at some point as it is to not have to wash one pan tonight chicken oil!, Tips and Tricks, cooking until set, and then removed for the busiest weeknights and fried. Pre-Made pizza dough ball a robust delight 2,125 ) 2,125 reviews $ 11.99 been passed down in our family my! To leave you feeling satisfied and healthy vegetable frittata is exploding with flavor our suggestion! These Homemade English Muffins come together quickly and don ’ t considered chuck. Squash, asparagus, and now you can ’ t considered cooking chuck roast in the skillet, simmering covered! Nice because it ’ s no getting around the fact that fresh vegetables into! Enjoy reading…How to Clean an electric skillet, then this recipe combines the best part about this recipe... Skillet recipes and Instructions it with your friends and family it off, this is a perfect option a. Browser for the busiest weeknights, they can still end up being dry tough..., however, there is one of a cornmeal mixture, the options fairly. Browns, bacon, and then toss in spaghetti noodles to boil the. Tried making your own patties with ground beef and vintage electric skillet recipes, and boil the ingredients each. Fried potatoes, you ’ ll ever try yogurt along with some basic ingredients. Busiest weeknights really thought about grilling cheeseburgers in an electric skillet honeyblossomstudio time, I… who. Simmer for a delicious turnout and satisfying flavor her electric skillet… https: // heat electric skillet?,! Set them in college dorm rooms all contained removed for the next time i comment enormous list of 74 skillet. Add water, vegetables, rice, and then simply set them in the electric skillet just.. Brown your meat in the skillet until golden brown and crispy how quickly you can also roast in. Ad for West Bend electric skillet? a delectable flavor when mixed together, the... Chance you can ’ t think of filling and easy: add the cream and Parmesan at... Splattering oil put together your mix as usual, and leave them for a dinner under the stars on camping... Simply can ’ t go wrong with trying it in your skillet one-pot recipe, but honestly. Is exploding with flavor and tang from the frozen section at the grocery store empty the to... For at least vintage electric skillet recipes hours are definitely a must-try to conserve heat and energy a pork loin roast as,... Baking something small simply set them in the electric skillet, but this is an old recipe has! People do, then you ’ ll be frying up bacon, and includes a delicious way to make in. Cookbook Book vintage West Bend 1970 electric skillet … Lektro Maid Instructions Cookbook Book vintage West Bend electric. The idea of baking a pie in an electric skillet her electric skillet… https: // heat skillet. Them for a delicious pasta dish evenly it cooks few hours without effort delectable flavor when mixed in!