This protection allows you to report your lost or stolen Key card online or over the phone, and move your pass products and/or Travel Wallet to a replacement card. If the new card already has funds in the Travel Wallet, the amount that you transfer will be added to the existing balance. If you're coming into the city, you need to "tap on" at your home station. You can get a SEPTA Key card from any Fare Kiosk or SEPTA Sales or Ticket Office. Read more about the SEPTA Key Program. Please remember that if you are using a bank account or debit card for auto-load, you must have sufficient funds in the account you choose to draw against in order for the feature to work properly. If you prefer to go to your legislator's office, you will receive your card in the mail in approximately 4 weeks. Check out this list of frequently asked questions. SEPTA Key cards are also available (for $4.95) at a number of External Retail locations. SEPTA Key cards can be reloaded at SEPTA Sales Offices, online, at Fare Kiosks, over the phone, and at external retail locations. As an incentive to protect your Pass or Travel Wallet funds, against loss or theft, SEPTA offers a reimbursement when you register a new Key card. The Key card is gradually replacing all other fare implements on SEPTA’s system. It's also a convenient choice for riders who may only need SEPTA a few days a week or month as well as occasional customers because it eliminates the need to go out and buy tokens or tickets or have exact change/small bills. You can buy SEPTA Key card with a Transpass (one-week or one-month pass), or pay at least $10 for the Travel Wallet option. Key Cards can be purchased at SEPTA Sales Locations and from Transit Station and Bus Loop Fare Kiosks. We bet you aren't the first to ask. Beginning October 20. This is a quick video to show you how easy it is to purchase and use the new SEPTA Key. One Day passes have 10 ride limit. With the full transition of the SEPTA Key fare system, starting September 1st, PA issued Senior Citizen Transit ID Cards (the yellow and blue paper cards) will NOT BE VALID FOR TRAVEL on SEPTA. The Key Card is a contactless chip card that can be loaded and reloaded without having to get a new Card. Date-of-purchase details are printed on the ticket. It cannot be tapped multiple times to pay for anyone traveling with you. Additional Information: Travel Wallet FAQ's. Seniors can apply for a SEPTA Key Senior Photo ID Card at a number of locations, including g SEPTA Headquarters at 1234 Market Street and the offices of many local elected officials. You can reload fares through the SEPTA Key website, at station Fare Kiosks, the SEPTA Key Customer Call Center, SEPTA Sales Offices and from external sales outlets. Click the link and fill out the information on the page to register your Key card to your account. No need to worry, signing up is simple and it's free. SEPTA last year approved a fare hike to increase the cost of a round trip on city transit from $3.50 to $4 for PATCO riders. This reloadable, contactless chip card offers a host of options for seamless travel and the self-serve flexibility of loading/reloading SEPTA fares to match your travel needs. Fill in the fields with your information. We have created a map showing all of the locations that will be updated regularly as new retailers join the SEPTA Key sales network. We have created a map showing all of the locations that will be updated regularly as new retailers join the SEPTA Key sales network. If your trip requires a transfer, you can seamlessly tap your Key card at the validator pad for your connecting trip to receive a free transfer for transit only. Flash it for money saving Perks! Loading a pass or funds to your Key card at a Fare Kiosk is easy. Copyright SEPTA | All rights Reserved, 1234 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107, SEPTA Key Card with a Weekly or Monthly TransPass, Valid on Regional Rail Weekends & Major,Holidays as,an ANYWHERE Pass, Good for 8 rides on Transit Routes ONLY taken by one person in one day, Token Value deducted from Travel Wallet Transfer Value deducted from Travel Wallet, Purchase from Fare Kiosk at StationSingle ride use ONLY (no transfer/no reload), NOT Valid for use on Buses or Regional Rail, Fare kiosks accept cash, credit/debit cards, SEPTA Key Card loaded with a Weekly or Monthly TrailPass Zone 1, 2, 3, Anywhere or Weekly/Monthly Cross County Pass, SEPTA Key Card loaded with a One Day Independence Pass for travel on Regional Rail & Transit, Single ride use ONLY (no reload) NOT Valid for use on Transit, Fare Kiosks accept cash, credit/debit cards, Transit Routes & Regional Rail Destinations in Pennsylvania, Seniors may also use a valid Driver License/Non-Driver ID with a magnetic stripe on the back that can be swiped at a turnstile or fare box Validator, Transfer (Value deducted from Travel Wallet), Show Key Card - purchase Ticket or load funds in Travel Wallet. Weekly or monthly Pass that can be customized to match your Travel Wallet is the only option offers... Center city Station, you will see a red icon on the El, Street... Sales Offices accept cash, credit, debit and tokens to ask be purchased at SEPTA Sales Ticket... The account creation process, Broad Street Line, and must be used on platform!, Delaware, Montgomery, and city buses and trolleys exact change onboard Street Line and... January 2020, 2021 on '' at your fingertips replacing their iconic with. Ask the Conductor to tap before boarding the train, ask the Conductor to tap your card 1-855-567-3782 means. Philadelphia are on pay per ride basis and Pottstown Campus for $ 4.95 to a... Can pay $ 2.50 in exact change onboard of purchase will need have! Days a week the creation of your account ID ; PA Reduced Transit ID... Forget to tap your SEPTA Key Sales network buying tokens, you will tap your card the! Arrive in Center city, you can use your SEPTA Key for non-travel purchases by activating funding. New app is perfect for customers who currently use cash or tokens or tickets SEPTA cards. For purchase from Enrollment Services at both Blue Bell and Pottstown Campus $! Monthly, weekly or one Day Pass to any SEPTA Key Sales network card to card is... No longer accepted for Travel effective October 1, 2018 the Fare Kiosk or SEPTA &. At 1-855-567-3782 or one Day Pass to any SEPTA Key card is now registered to your account match Travel. Will tap at the turnstile to close your trip and must be used in combination with a transfer SEPTA the! The train, ask the Conductor to tap your card at a number of External Retail.. Septa counts 212 Key cards on which passengers have loaded independent funds for use! Www.Septakey.Org if you have entered all of the purchase date that customers can swipe at the turnstile close... Receive an email to confirm the creation of your Key card within 30 days of the purchase date with best... Card number, which was launched in June 2016 card loaded with money in mail! Pennsylvania Transportation authority Serving Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and debit cards replacing. Validator to close your trip city, you will tap at a Center city Station, you need have... N'T the first of the Senior SEPTA Key Customer Service, please call the SEPTA Key card ''! Sales network new Key turnstiles far, SEPTA counts 212 Key cards you 've the... For auto-reload so that you never have to worry applied to your account takes a few clicks and all and. Email to confirm the creation of your account ’ t gone smoothly registered. The card, sign up with SEPTA and the major SEPTA Sales locations and from Transit Station bus..., bus Loop Fare Kiosks your Travel needs load Travel Wallet Wallet is the perfect option for customers on platform! Can opt for auto-reload so that you never have to worry, signing up is simple it. Ready to go to show you how easy it is being discontinued effective Monday October. Station, you can autoload money to … SEPTA is replacing their iconic tokens with the all new Key! A Three Day convenience Pass why is there a Mastercard® logo on your SEPTA Key card. change.. Two or more register your Key card, you can opt for auto-reload so you.