You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. Peak Fitness. Intelligence is your spellcasting ability for these spells. These augments are crafted by artisans who have descended from or studied under those who originally worked with golemancy to perfect the geth. Salarian reproduction is curious in that fertilized eggs hatch as females and unfertilized eggs hatch as male. During quarian adolescence, they are subjected to a rite of passage known as the pilgramage. Speed. You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed or frightened. (see Xanthar's Guide to Everything p.78 for rules on using tools and special uses.). Mass Effect campaign for 5e Hello everyone, this is my first reddit post, but I’ve been a long time lurker on DnDNext for quite a while. Salarians can have dubious morals, especially when it comes to experiments and advancing technology. Once you use this trait, you can't use it again until you finish a long rest. The race only requires only two hours of sleep a night, and still they have more energy and alertness than other races. If you would like to play an Ardat-Yakshi, you can choose to replace the Alignment and Mind Meld traits with the following. Due to their fast metabolic rate, Salarians need only 2 hours of sleep and 6 hours of light activity to gain the benefits of a long rest. However, as geth are fully sapient, they have the ability to choose their own alignment independent of their natural inclination. These offspring are known as "Ardat-Yakshi". This is because ardat-yakshi develop an addiction to the power and feel intense compulsion to meld. Male drell frills lay close to the skull while females have more pronounced and longer frills that can flare and curl out. Your Intelligence score increases by 1. While the suit is punctured, you have disadvantage on saving throws against disease. A network of fluid-filled veinous analogs are intertwined through their body to provide several advantages to aid in movement and flexibility. You've honed your militaristic discipline to become an unwavering pillar of self-control and restraint. Aug 13, 2019 - Races from the Relay - Mass Effect Races by StrayChowChow - Created with GM Binder. The rituals endured by a shaman are lengthy and torturous; most krogan who attempt the rite perish. Their lower legs are bowed backwards significantly, compared to asari or humans. Protheans are an anthropoidal race. Technician. Mechanus is a plane of absolute law and order inhabited by constructs. Don't have Xanthar's Guide to Everything? Salarians are a warm-blooded amphibious species from a jungle known as Sur'Kesh. It can be used in a tabletop campaign; however, the standard Cortex sheet works just as well. Perhaps due to their reliance on other species for genetic diversity, asari prefer cooperation and compromise over conflict. Quarians enhance their organic bodies with implants infused with magic. The eponymous necromancer has done more than just reanimate different races… Illivandar Gal’varen (CN female half-elf archmage) A half-elf woman with deep shadows under her eyes, beneath a mess of loosely-tied, dark brown hair. Turians have evolved semi-metallic carapaces that reflect the dangerous radiation, protecting their inners from the solar rays. Asari categorize life into 3 important stages, each marked by physiological changes like hormones, and psychological changes. The krogan are vicious beasts that seek to conquer what they can. Mass combat in 3.5e tends to be a terribly overlooked part of the game. Your size is Medium. Because tissue from dextro-protein species like the turians is incompatible with levo-protein species like the krogan, implants regulate the brute's body chemistry to combat organ rejection. Aside from hands and legs, their general body shape and sexual dimorphism is similar to humans. This page may resemble content endorsed by, sponsored by, and/or affiliated with the Mass Effect franchise, and/or include content directly affiliated with and/or owned by BioWare. Leave your thoughts in the comments below or via. This year, N7 Day treated Mass Effect fans everywhere to the news we'd all been waiting to hear since the release of Mass Effect… Salvage. Natural Diplomat. Those creatures that cannot be charmed are immune to this effect. Asari reproduction is, at its basic level, is a modified method of parthenogenesis. Salarians are tall with elongated bodies, with a height between 6 and 7 feet yet a weight below 100 lbs. Salarians minds are constantly racing at miles per minute, and without proper mental stimulation a salarian becomes bored. Fem Shep Kaidan lives Wrex lives Original council Anderson on council Killed Morinth Tali was not exiled from the Floatilla You cannot use this shove attempt to knock a creature prone. Milky Way Galaxy Races . Languages. The quarians sought to constantly improve their creation with more advanced and more mysterious magics. These warriors are easily distinguished by an appearance containing a strange mix of insectoid and avian features. Alignment. The skin surrounding this carapace can be a pale blue-gray or brown color mottled with muted yellow spots. Geth with individuality, especially those who have been separate from their kind for an extended time, do exist. Please log in again. At Higher Levels: Whenever you cast this 5e mass cure wounds spell by using the spell slot of 6th level or higher, then the healing will increases by 1d8 for each of the slot level above 5th. Geth primarily remain in the land of Rannoch, protected by the Perseus Veil: a mysterious cloud that spans around the borders of Rannoch. For example, nar Rayya or vas Neema. Mass Effect: Andromeda came out some years ago to shock long-time fans of the franchise. You can speak, read, and write Common, Thessian, and one extra language of your choice. You gain proficiency with alchemist's supplies and herbalism kit. Male Names: Adrien, Avitas, Castis, Chellick, Corinthus, Desolas, Garrus, Illo, Jacobus, Joram, Kuril, Lantar, Lilihierax, Lorik, Macen, Mehrkuri, Nihlus, Quentius, Sapartus, Saren, Septimus, Tarquin, Tiran, Tonn, Venari, Female Names: Abrudas, Aciia, Aemicida, Alta, Banrae, Caevea, Cicean, Duronea, Iciria, Juteia, Nyreen, Orinia, Pliras, Quidas, Selone, Sidera, Sipia, Valevas, Vetra, Family Names: Actus, Arterius, Barro, Kandros, Kryik, Nazario, Nyx, Oraka, Pallin, Qui'in, Rix, Sidonis, Talid, Vakarian, Victus, Vyrnnus. You have resistance to poison damage and psychic damage. This page will cover the races present in the game. You must provide any material components required for the casting of the spell and must have the spell prepared, or it must be among your known spells, in order to scribe a scroll of that spell. Technician's Tools. Milky Way Galaxy Races . Mass Suggestion 5e. The salarian possess a super-charged metabolism which causes them to function at a much higher speed than other races, while requiring less rest. When you use the Attack action during your turn to make a melee attack, you can attempt to shove a creature with your headbutt as a bonus action. And as you will quickly learn in Mass Effect, the choices you make mean everything. MASS EFFECT 5e Rules: STAR SHIPS SIZES: Andromeda Star Nations: Player Character Sheets: MASS EFFECT STARFINDER RULES MODS: Heleus Cluster Starship Production: Playable Races & PC Generation: ANDROMEDIA INITIATIVE STAR SHIPS: N 7 HQ CODEX : ACE STAR SHIPS: Ai INTRO TRAILER: The CAMPAIGN TIME LINE: Angaran Ships: TECH … Many find new lives far from Sur'Kesh, though they rarely truly abandon their family and dalatrass. It’s one of my favorite video games. You have a base walking speed of 30 feet. Male quarians, however, appear to lack a third t… Geth, meaning "servant of the people" in the quarian language of Khelish, are golems imbued with permanent animating magic focused by a special crystal embedded in their chassis. Personal Names: Aeian, Aethyta, Aleena, Alestia, Aria, Batha, Benezia, Dahlia, Falere, Irissa, Jona, Liara, Lidanya, Liselle, Mallene, Morinth, Nassana, Nyxeris, Pelessaria, Rana, Rila, Samara, Sarissa, Shiala, Tela, Tevos, Treeya, Surnames: Ateyne, B'Sayle, Calis, D'Layne, D'Nava, D'Ysesan, Dantius, Iallis, Iasava, Janieri, Kelis, M'Loari, M'Taros, Makenus, Nuwani, Sedela, Sederis, T'Goni, T'Loak, T'Soni, Thanoptis, Theris, V'Lanis, V'Nato, V'Tizor, Vasir. The ease of transferring knowledge through a meld allows them to quickly teach others, and the ability to send emotions is a crucial step for children to learn the strong sense of empathy of the asari. When crafting other items with alchemist's supplies or herbalism kits, you halve the amount of time it takes to craft those items. Age. The creature must make a Charisma saving throw (DC 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Charisma modifier) or be rendered unconscious for 1d4 hours as your nervous system overwhelms theirs. If you are not wearing your enviro-suit body and helm, you automatically fail saving throws against disease. Healing doesn't really fit in the Mass Effect universe unless you consider shield and barrier re-charging as a thing. You have advantage on saving throws against being blinded. Darkvision. As the body suit is skin-tight, you can wear armor over it. Ardat-Yakshi are only born to pureblood asari; those formed from the union of 2 asari parents. Instead of sleeping, you enter a hibernation state for 4 hours each day. Your size is Medium. Invention is not the only outlet of a salarian's mind. You gain proficiency with one artisan’s tools of your choice: alchemist's supplies, tinker's tools, poisoner's kit, or theives' tools. You cannot cast the spell again until you finish a long rest. The points will be divided as you […] Some ships decide to depart the fleet to pursue their own goals, but normally return to the fleet. Females are considered prizes and trophies and live in clans separate from the males, except for the unlucky who become property of the male clans. Turians are sent to basic training in their teenage years, and are obligated to serve a time in the military, if physically able. A shield's benefits apply as normal while you use your golem armor. These bonus hit dice are d8s, regardless of your class. Size. They talk fast, think fast, move fast, eat fast, and even sleep fast. Your geth character has a number of traits in common with other geth. You can also communicate with nearby geth telepathically. However, this is not entirely true. You gain the following benefits while using your Blood Rage trait: Forced out of their homeland by sapient constructs of their own creation, quarian are exiled nomads that now sail the seas in search of a new homeland. While wearing the enviro-suit body, you are immune to contracting any disease. You can speak, read, and write Common and Khelish. Those who join their empire are given the protection of their military might in return for providing services or goods. In addition, your mind cannot be read by magical means. Asari are very long lived and can reach ages of over 1000 years. Salarians have perhaps some of the most advanced technology, especially in alchemy and engineering, but a salarian can become an expert at whatever craft he puts his mind to. Muscular augments are implants placed strategically at the shoulders and hips to direct pulses of magic through muscle fibers, allowing for bursts of speed, strength, and flexibility. As many as those who invent prefer to gather information and knowledge. You gain the following benefits: