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Britt Phillips Dvd Training Video

Marketing – Personal Development – Income Generation

I’ve combined two of the things I’m very passionate about in life. They are helping people and video production. This site provides a global platform from which to offer a variety of DVD titles that I have personally researched and produced.

Each title that I produce is a labor of love. I work very hard to create something that meets my own very stringent high standards. I apply this approach to every element along the production process from the initial concept for a DVD title to the scripting, shooting location, and even the box cover design and labeling. I want everything to look good and to deliver real value to the consumer.

I’ve been blessed to have a lot of life experience. And I draw upon it to come up with new innovative ideas and creative concepts. People seem to really like what I’m doing with the DVDs so I guess I’m doing something right!

I create DVD titles that fall in to a variety of niche specific categories. I create them based on things that I know. Here’s a short list of some of the niche DVD topics…

Graphics Design
Income Generation
Internet Marketing
Lead Generation
Offline Marketing
Pain Management
Personal Development
Referral Building
Sales Techniques
Saving Money
Search Engine Optimization
Video Production
Viral Marketing Concepts
Web Design

“I believe that in order to be able to talk about it you first need to have been there and actually done it! Then you can show others how to do it.”

Here’s what I mean. There are a lot of people online today that offer lots of informational content. The unfortunate problem with it is that they don’t really have much experience, or any kind of background, that qualifies them as someone who should be giving any real advice.

For example, if you were interested in speaking with me about making money, you may ask me some general questions that are designed to determine if I have actually ever made any. This would give you a basis of comfort and of course confidence knowing you are speaking with someone who knows how to do the very thing you yourself would like to do. Otherwise you aren’t really making progress.

The photo of me standing in front of my Hummer H2 is interesting. Sure it’s all detailed and shiny but the interesting part is that it only took me 10 days to generate the $65,000. I paid for it! And I didn’t need a bank or any lender to make it happen. Now of course I don’t make $65,000. every ten days (I wish I did) but still it just goes to show you what is possible if you take action and implement strategies that work.

I’m also blessed to be one of the all time top income earners in the history of the 25 year old business opportunity that I’ve been part of for over 15 years. And during that time I’ve discovered what really works and what does not.

I’ve been in the direct sales industry for a long time. Before that I was a successful private investigator for many years. I’m able to draw from this combined experience as it relates to human psychology. I can apply what I know about people and how they think in order to be a better salesman and networker. This experience has proven invaluable time and time again over the years. I apply the proven techniques and strategies every day to close sales and to negotiate with people.

I’ve worked directly with software developers and system engineers as a consultant to help make their products more intuitive and user friendly. I feel sort of like the commercial you’ve most likely seen on TV that says… “we don’t make a lot of the products you use. We make a lot of the products you use better”. In fact chances are high that if you use any internet marketing tools that you have come to really enjoy some of my work!

I am a true entrepreneur at heart. I just love coming up with innovative ways to help my success team members make more money and have a better quality of life. Because for me my motto is that I want to help make your life better.

I have always been a very inquisitive person. I rarely sit still for very long. I am always working on new products, developing new services, and thinking of ways I can help make a real difference. I like figuring out how things work and then seeing if I can come up with a way to make them more effective and to work more efficiently.

I own 27 active web sites. I designed them all personally. I created each layout, all the graphics, produced the video etc. I have a few blogs and several YouTube channels. I’ve got several Twitter accounts and am an active contributor to several niche forums where I interact almost on a daily basis.

I got a call one day from an older man who had taken the time to really carefully review several of my web sites. He paid particular attention to my primary site and how I have the marketing system set up. He told me he was quite impressed with how detailed and complex it was while at the same time simple to both understand and implement. In fact here’s part of what he said…

was a bit taken by this and here’s why. I’ve helped lots of people over the years to get what they want. It’s my passion as I’ve said. It is not at all uncommon for me to get a call from someone who says how much they appreciate the tools, training, and systems I’ve got in place. And please do not misunderstand, I appreciate every kind word from everyone. I also appreciate that not everyone is at the same place in the learning curve.

It’s one thing for someone who doesn’t really know a whole lot about marketing, systems and technology to call me with a kind word – and yet when someone who has over 30 years of direct experience in the field calls, well it stands out for obvious reasons.

Many of the products and services that I offer today are the result of me first creating them or needing them for myself. Case in point is my graphics and web site design service. I started out learning how to use Photoshop. After I got pretty good at it I saw there were many people online charging high fees to create what I knew to be relatively simple designs. It occurred to me that I could put up a site and do the same. So I did! Today I offer more design choices and styles of the rest and my prices are lower! The thing I hear time and again from happy clients is that my work is excellent and I don’t charge enough!

I have a large team of people who have joined the home based business opportunity that I mentioned above and they depend on me to provide training and guidance as a mentor. I work with them as well as offer consulting services to others. This helps keep me sharp and also on top of the latest technology in the industry. It is always changing so this can be a huge task for many.

The one thing I have learned over the years (aside form the fact that people hate learning but they don’t mind discovering) is that attitude and the ability to take action is the real difference between getting what you want or doing without.

So the DVDs that I create are the result of everything I have learned that works. They are the result of testing, tweaking, and trial and error to make the discovery of how exactly to arrive at a desired result.

I encourage you to look this site over being mindful of the menu that appears across the top of every page. It allows you to navigate around the site to make amazing discoveries. There are many of those to be found here for sure.

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  2. this site very informatife for me..
    thanks for this article..

  3. Sounds like you have a great sales video. I tried mlms and all that a few times. I am going to check out your video it may be the trick we are seeking. We have taken an mlm type approach to our new product and could use all the advice we can get.

    So versus seo I think mlm is much easier.

    We have been struggling with seo for some time now. It;s the old catch 22 build a great usable site and no one finds it. Spend Hours working on seo to no avail.

    • Mike it depends on what your short term and long term goals are. In the short term you may not have interest in building a site with SEO in mind. That is if you already know how to drive tons of traffic to it. However, you are always better off to combine the two and benefit twice as much in the short and long term.

      As for MLM, well it’s not my cup of tea. I’m a direct sales guy. I prefer direct sales over MLM because it’s more realistic and much easier to make much mroe serious money.

      I looked at your site and have the following observations:

      1. Microsoft throws a media error and wants to install a player extension. This will spook most who visit and cause them to believe something else could be triggering their virus checker. This is not good. You’d be much better off replacing yoiur video with a flash video with the right embed code to avoid this issue.

      2. You aqre missing some of the vital SEO plugins that could greatly improve and automate your SEO efforts.

      3. The overall layout and initial theme doesn’t grab me. You’d be better off building a site that tells a story with carefully chosen keywords and images that grab the readers attention.

      4. Check out Animoto.com and create a simple slideshow video that grabs attention.

      5. Think about adding audio to your site as well.

      6. ALWAYS offer an opt-in form on your site to build your list.

      Hope these basic tips help.


  4. Hi Britt

    Don’t Know if you would reveal this but I’ll ask
    In what niche did you make the $37000 in one day was that with dvd tutorials?
    Lee Tyres Plymouth

  5. Is all stuff related to online marketing?

  6. I love your car, boss!

  7. I’m unquestionably bookmarking this website and sharing it with my friends. You will be getting plenty of visitors to your website from me!

  8. In response to the previous comment asking if your DVD’s and CD’s were related to marketing, internet marketers are normally the best customers! Sales takes a whole different attitude, demeanor, and mental aspect than normal living if that makes sense.
    Very attractive layout by the way!

  9. Hi Britt,

    I liked the intro video and noticed you are using animoto for your video. Do you use animoto for all your videos?

    • I use it a lot but no not for all of them. It allows me to create something that looks really good but doesn’t require lots of time to produce. I’ve got a pro account so I can simply log in anytime and get busy!

  10. The video itself is really cool it’s like a trailer of a movie.Thanks to this post I will tell my friends about this great site and their products that will surely make our skill improve.

    I hope that many people know about this.More power to this site!

  11. the video are very nice, article is very informative thanks for sharing

  12. Britt, I’m loving your video, specially the background music that you’ve added.
    I’m just curious though, why aren’t you able to make $65,000 every 10 days anymore? What has changed in the market that doesn’t allow you to achieve such high income as you used to achieve anymore?!


  13. I have heard the phrase the money is in the list. I don’t know if you agree with that but I can see how your tip about building a list gives more control over communication with a potential customer. I think that is what I need to do more of on my websites.

  14. Hi Britt,

    I think it is so interesting that you mentioned you wished you could make $65,000 every 10 days. As you said.. you show us the ‘possibilities’ and sometimes the motivation is all we need. Thanks again.

  15. Sounds like a great training. Very interesting.
    CD Duplication

  16. Seems interesting info on DVD video training,looking for more such

  17. your website stuff is very nice, very useful information, thanks a lot

  18. Very informative post. I take time watching and learned a lot from it. Looking forward for more articles like this. Keep it coming and more success.

  19. I liked the intro video & noticed you are using animoto for your video

  20. Great post You did here i like your video so thanks you for nice one.
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  21. I love this site, you cover a lot of fascinating content. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and insight. Letting people leave their Twitter name is a great idea too! ღ(◠‿◠)ღ

  22. The video itself is really cool it’s like a trailer of a movie.Thanks to this post I will tell my friends about this great site and their products that will surely make our skill improve.
    I hope that many people know about this.More power to this site!

  23. Hi Britt. Just curious, do you have a background in sales? You seem to have a lot of experience and ‘street smart’.

  24. I admire your energy and your drive. Wish I could say that about myself but very often I will waste my time doing non-productive stuff. Still looking for a way to break through this barrier.

    • Hi Michael,

      Procrastination will get you every time IF you allow it. Have a look at my Stop Procrastination subliminal CD title. Also look at You Can Make Money of You Can Make Excuses CD. Both are excellent and will help you break the barriers of procrastination. There are other titles that will help you focus and get more energy.

  25. This blog have the best display of ideas all over the place.

  26. The titles of CD and DVD are very interesting. I like the Attracting Money Into Your Life Now and Forever. I wish I could be able to achieve the same success in the future. It is nice if there are also a price list of the CD and DVD too.

    • Hi Virginia,

      I’m very blessed to enjoy tremendous feedback from some really super customers. I always appreciate all feedback and my customers tell me they really love the titles! As for attracting the money you want in to your life… I’ve got some titles to help you do just that! Check out the Available Titles tab on the menu to discover more. : )

  27. Very informative post. I love this site. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and insight.. Keep it up .. :)

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